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Making #YourMilk Drinking Team Awesome! - Milk Hall of Fame, LLC.™


Q: "Why did you create The Milk Association™, The Milk Hall of Fame®  & The United States Milk Drinking Team™, and The Mighty Moo Cows! (Go COWS GO!)"

A: Our question is: "... why didn't somebody already create The Milk Hall of Fame®  & The United States Milk Drinking Team™, and The Mighty Moo Cows! (Go COWS GO!)". The global diversified milk market was valued at over $718,900,000,000 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and is projected to grow to over $1,000,000,000,000 trillion U.S. dollars by 2024.

There are over 6,000,000,000,000 (billion) Milk Drinking Team #MilkFanatics around the world. (They just don't all know that they are Milk Drinking Team members ~ yet!) No problem. They are all in constant search for their best glass or milk or milkshake to drink, or cheese & cereal to eat!

The want to tell everyone about it so that they too might share in the good times that #YourMilk and #YourCheese brings. Instead of someone else creating The Milk Hall of Fame®, The United States Milk Drinking Team™, and The Mighty Moo Cows! (Go COWS GO!) - we figured that we could do it.(and we did!)

Q: Who are you and what is your story?

A: My name is Christian (age 16) and my brother is named Hunter (age 15). Our wonderful sister, Bethany is my twin. We live for; and love the diversity of milk, cheese, pizza, cereal, ice cream and Happy Food made with all the types of milk around the world!

We are from Maryland, USA. We love our mom and dad. We all get along real good.

Bethany is the host of Happy Television (as in Life, Liberty (our goat) and the pursuit of happiness).

When we weren't looking, our daddy turned our house into World Headquarters of
The Internet Broadcast Network. 

Bethany broadcasts her show live from a place we call Internet City Studios (kind of like Radio City Studios or Television City Studios were before the Internet came along.)

We all go to where we learn about Science, Technology, Entertainment, Arts & Math + Business.

We use all of our STEAM+B knowledge to develop the The Milk Hall of Fame®  and Happy Television™.

Q: For what age group did you design this website and your video productions?

A: We have worked with mom and dad to make sure that The Milk Hall of Fame® , Happy Television, Internet Test Kitchen, and other productions, artwork, websites, advertising and marketing from Internet City Studios and our Internet Broadcast Network are acceptable to children 3-8 years old, and loved by older children, or when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We have worked hard with mom and dad to ensure that we respect, and represent the needs of the future for the #MilkFanatics, farmers, and growers of the worldwide diversity of milk in your town, city, state and country. 

Q: All of this seems expensive. How do you pay for everything you do?

A: We used our allowance and birthday money to get started. Now, we make our own money and have paid back any money we borrowed.

We have also worked with mom and dad to assemble an international team from the milk and business industries, to counsel and guide us.

We have a great team dedicated to the future of the diverse milk industry from New York, Indonesia, Japan, Maryland and other places from around the USA and abroad.

We are always getting requests from other folks who want to help. The best way is to contact my daddy via email us at

Q: Do you have any way to donate to building of a real Milk Hall of Fame location?

A: Yes, we do have a account if you live far away and want to help us build a permanent location for The Milk Hall of Fame® .

Q: What exactly it The Milk Hall of Fame®  Team Cheer?

A: It goes like this: "We're The Mighty Moo Cows - Go Cows Go!" HERE The best thing is that you may adjust the words any way you wish. Make it fun. Make it loud!


Post your video on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Hashtag it #MightyMooCowsCheer You might even win a prize.


Q: Should Happy Television be called "Milk Television"?

A: Hunter and I; along with Bethany, are ramping up and we will begin production of Happy Television in 2023.


Bethany will be the hostess and producer of Happy Television. The Milk Hall of Fame®  is a sponsor of Happy Television.


Bethany will be doing alot with the diversity of milk on Happy Television.


We are actively seeking and speaking to additional sponsors of Happy Television.


Happy Television is about ".... the pursuit of happiness" for you, me and all of our best friends from around the world.


We include all the things that makes us and our friends happy.


Mommy, daddy, my brothers and family, bunnies, kites, milk and hugs make us happy.


By the way, ice cream, hamburgers, milkshakes, pies and babies make us happy too - and double cheese pizza! What makes YOU happy? Let us know and maybe you can be a guest on Happy Television!

Q: Why did you create The Milk Hall of Fame® ?

A: Our question it why DIDN'T somebody else create it? We thought it would be a great place to motivate people to drink and eat their milk.


We talked with our mom & dad and they said, "What a terrific idea. It will start small and grow like you are growing."


We also thought if children had their MHoF membership certificate on their fridge or would wear our team (The Mighty Moo Cows! & The US Milk Drinking Team) colors, they would want to drink and eat more milk and stuff made from their favorite milk.

Q: What are your favorite things made from milk?

A: I Lve #MyMilk. #MyMilk makes me happy!


I especially love chocolate almond milk. Hunter loves lactose free and chocolate almond milk.


Bethany has many favorite milks.


We are teenagers, so of course we like many things.


I love cheesecake.


We all love ice cream especially pineapple and pumpkin pie.


Daddy says to let it melt just a little and it tastes so much better. Here's why. Really cold ice cream can numb your taste buds. When it is a little melted, it doesn't make your tongue numb and gives ice cream a better taste. I put my bowl of ice cream in the microwave for 11 seconds.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of a cow named Lvey with a heart birthmark?

A: We were looking for a unique cow and it came down to these two finalists. I wonder why we picked the one with a heart on it's head? We were going to call her "Hearty" first, then mommy overruled that decision with Lvey. Thanks mommy.


Q: What can you tell us about the health benefits of milk?

A: People ask us this all the time. We tell them that we are kids and do what my mommy, daddy and caregivers tell us to do and what NOT to do


They go to websites in their towns, cities, states and countries where they use

science-based education about the nutrition and health benefits that diversity of milk foods provide.


They connect people to the hard-working farmers and growers who bring a nutritious diversity of milk, cheese [ice cream] and yogurt to tables across America and around the world.


All we know is that #MilkMakesUsHappy and has a lot of nutrition and it is part of our healthy and growing lifestyle. We are already doing our best to protect our bodies to become "Bigger, stronger, smarter & more. That's what we're here for."


Q: I like your "Drink Your Milk" & "More milk... pwease?" slogans. What can you tell me about them?

A: Think of the times in your life when you were happy. #YourMilk was there.


From the time you were a child, you would probably say, "more milk, pwease?".


Milk is one of the first words spoken by a baby.


These special times probably included: ice cream, grilled cheese and tomato soup made with milk, pancakes, flapjacks, egg cream, creamed cornbread, chocolate pudding, buttered popcorn, hot chocolate on a cold day, buttermilk mashed potatoes, buttermilk fried chicken, cake, buttermilk pie, tzatziki, ice cream cake, milk shakes, chocolate milk, bagels and cream cheese, butterscotch pie, pumpkin smoothie, eggnog, frozen yogurt, whipped cream, pizza with extra cheese, wedding cake, cheese sticks, nachos & cheese, coffee with cream (daddy and mommy like 1/2 & 1/2 in their coffee. We don't drink coffee), cheese dip and my favorite "gooey fondooey" - the list goes on and on.


Each of these happy foods from the best times in our life are made from a worldwide diversity of milk. Does milk make YOU happy? (Gooey fondooey will!) "More milk ... pwease?" - says every child in the world.


Q: Is there an actual Milk Hall of Fame®  building?

A: We are working on it. With support from you and the diverse worldwide milk industry, we are almost there. You can certainly assist with our Patreon.


We will want The Milk Hall of Fame®  facility somewhere that it will grow and help the diverse milk industry.

If you have a good idea for building The Milk Hall of Fame®  or want to partner with us, email my daddy or call him.

Q: How big do you want The Milk Hall of Fame®  membership to become?

A: There are 6,000,000,000,000 diverse fans of milk around the world. We hope that all children and adults around the world become members.


We are the first and only Milk Hall of Fame®  in the world. We think they will join when they remember that milk is really a happy, comfort food like we wrote about.


Now, as adults, we think moms, dads, and caregivers will want their children to be part of something so wonderful.


Best part is that it's free to join and will make them want to drink more milk. We want children to put their Milk Hall of Fame®  certificate on the fridge as a reminder to "Eat your milk!" - Mackin' the Mouse or "Drink your milk!" - Milken' the Cat. Don't forget Liberty the GOAT, who says, "Eat your cereal!"

Q: Can I be a guest on Happy Television; brought to you by The Milk Hall of Fame®?

A: You may contact our producer (daddy). He handles all the guest visits and adult things. He always writes or calls back. Just drop him an email below.

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Q: I found a spelling or grammatical error on Can I win a prize if I tell you about it?

A: Yes. If you are the first person to submit an error with screen shot and the error circled by email, we will send you a Mighty Moo Cows t-shirt with your parent or guardian's permission. Remember,


We are trying to make sure it is perfect, but we make mistakes sometimes. Send a screen snap to


The snap must be embedded in the main part of the email not in an attached file.


For our safety, any email with an attachment will be deleted before it is read. We will email you if you win and you will need to send a pic of yourself wearing the t-shirt. Include your t-shirt size.

Q: Why must I be at least 16 years old to be on the "Shop" page?

A: We want your responsible parent or caregiver to accompany you on this page because it is our goal and responsibility not to market or sell to children.


This website and Happy Television are designed for children age 8 and older. Parental supervision is suggested. 

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