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Bethany "Bella"

Bethany "Bella"™

Team #DrinkYourMilk!™


Very courteous and always says, "... more milk pwease!"™

Sweet and outgoing.

Loves making friends and meeting new people.

Loves to sing The Mighty Moo Cows™ cheer.


Our sister's name is Bethany "Bella". She was always saying "... more milk, pwease?", when she was little. We would mimic her to mommy and daddy. It is still the way we as for things. "... more ice cream, pwease?", "... more cheese pizza, pwease?", and "... more time on my computer, pwease?".

This is our note sheet for Mentol. It is our response to her first sketch. You can see how we asked her to show a "small amount of milk remaining in the glass". We share it back and forth from our development studio in Maryland to her, in Indonesia via a shared Google Doc. 


Mentol is so wonderfully precise with everything she does. We are glad to have her on our development team.

Mommy and Bethany were on hand and added to the notes. Dad normally projects his PC to the flat screen in our development studio using Chromecast.


Hunter and I monitor dad's laptop via whether he is in the same room, across the town or in another state.


To test our process, I was on my laptop in Michigan while dad and Hunter were back at our development studio. It works great. We could each look at the other's computer desktop. With a video camera, and sound, it is just like we are in the same building, but different rooms.

Note: Dad was correct when he told us that by building an international brand, we would also create our own "language" with it special nuances. He also said that when we all get together on the same idea, a "mastermind" will appear that will guide us. I will be reporting back on this later.

We will be getting Sprinter vans and they will be outfitted so we can travel anywhere and pull over in the mountains or at the beach and get our work done.

We will be posting videos of this soon.

Unfortunately, Mentol's camera did not work, so there is no time-lapse. Click on the image below and you will the full page notes in .PDF format. - Christian


How we collaborate Mentol in Indonesia, and with our brand partners around the world.

Google Drive files shared in real time to our partners

Discord to share our computers from anywhere to anywhere.

Wix to instantly build, edit and update our website from anywhere we are in the world.

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