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World Famous

​​The most prestigious honor for #MilkFanatics around the world, is to nominate, induct, and enshrine them for a free lifetime membership in the World Famous ~ Milk Hall of Fame.

Welcome to the Milk Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony page. Remember to be as creative as you wish. You may post your photos and videos online with the hashtag: #MilkHallOfFame

You can search for the same hashtag to see what others have done and get some great ideas for your ceremony.


Click HERE for the free World Famous
Milk Hall of Fame
Certificate Making Machine

- Now with multiple templates and your can copy/paste your photos!

No personal information or copy of the certificate is kept - anywhere.

Bigger - Stronger - Smarter - More!

That's what we're here for!

To be eligible for the nominating process for

Milk Hall of Fame Class of 2022 - 2023,


... the inductee must listen to their mother, father or caregiver
and promise to eat and drink their milk.


The members of the Milk Hall of Fame will desire to learn about the fun, and health benefits of drinking and eating their favorite milk.


The members will need to memorize and sing the Milk Hall of Fame cheer for The Mighty Moo Cows!™.

Your child, teen, college kid or you, as an adult will join all the other esteemed Milk Hall of Fame members from around the world and become part of:

The Mighty Moo Cows!™ of The US Milk Drinking Team™
(Note: We will soon have a Milk Drinking Team in your country too.)


The Milk Hall of Fame leads the way with the celebration of your best tasting milk, chocolate milk, banana milk, strawberry milk, double cheese pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal, ice cream, milkshakes, cheeseburgers, cakes, pies, desserts, yogurt, ice cream cakes, cream cheese, cottage cheese, quesadillas, cheese, protein smoothies, cheese dip - and all the other happy and nutritious things made with milk!

Own the fridge!

Your inductee will want to tape their Milk Hall of Fame Official Certificate in a place of honor, right on the front of your refrigerator to remind them to drink & eat their milk every day.

As members of the Milk Hall of Fame, they will want to always ask for "... more milk, pwease!," "... more cheese, pwease!," and "... more cereal, pwease!" 


Make sure that they learn the Milk Hall of Fame cheers! Go Cows - GO!

Post a photo or video of your induction ceremony on Twitter or YouTube with the hashtag: #MilkHallOfFame, and we will try show it on Happy Television™. Important - Make sure you have absolutely NO music in the background - or we cannot review it on Happy Television from YouTube. YouTube doesn't like when you include music or TV shows in the background.

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