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The is the "Ice Cream the Penguin" sketch that we all loved.

Mentol, our illustrator from Indonesia has a wonderful way to cross societal barriers and make a "world class" and internationally acceptable penguin.

When asked whether Ice Cream the Penguin is on team #EatYourMilk or team #DrinkYourMilk ~ our sweet little penguin sheepishly cocks their head to the right and says, #IDontKnow!

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Ice Cream The Penguin ™

Team #IDontKnow™

​● Wiggles and waddles

● Thinks they are a cow

● Fun

Favorite flavors of ice cream:
- Banana ice cream

- Fish flavored

- Peppermint flavored

Ice Cream The Penguin came to the MHoF because they love ice cream and wants to be near where ice cream comes from.


Click to see how Ice Cream the Penguin was made!

Meet Ice Cream the Penguin

penguin bad 2.png

This was Mentol's first try at Ice Cream the Penguin.

We all just knew that it wasn't the right one.

Who would have thought that a penguin eating ice cream would be the most difficult illustration.

We knew that she would soon make us the best version. 

penguin bad 1.png

This little penguin was a close second.

We all felt bad that we rejected two of her illustrations.

She was not concerned. Mentol says that her illustrations live forever and she wants us to be happy.

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