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Announcing Online Audition Submissions for All New
Milk Hall of Fame
2020 USA & International Spokesmodels in
Videos AND now Photo memes (like below)!


​Children are now asking their parents & caregivers:

"More milk ... pwease?"™ - "More cheese ... pwease?"

"More cheese pizza ... pwease?" - "More ice cream ... pwease?"
... in their OWN languages - now with more submission categories.

New: Updates to submission below. REAL fun!


ALL all ages from 1 year old to 100+ may submit - now! - in their own language!
Anyone can win! Everyone will have a fun time!

Hopefully - you will be a star and one of our next Milk Hall of Fame USA & International spokesmodel for 2020! We have started a USA & International search for our new "More milk ... pwease?" (and new categories) video & photo meme spokesmodels for our 2020 campaign - soon. Begin submitting your video and photo meme submissions now.

New: Yes, this 2020 season, we will include foreign language spokesmodels. You may submit videos, documentaries and or photo memes in your own language; even if it is not shown below. Even though you will use your language, please use our #MoreMilkPwease so that we might find you. Since this will be a long term submission process with a lot of submissions selected, we will give out prizes and awards on a regular basis. Our US and International sponsors will help us with the frequency and amount of the awards.

The "Big Reveals" will be on a live episode of Happy Television

How may I help build The Milk Hall of Fame? When people hear me talk about The Milk Hall of Fame, they always ask me, "Bethany, awesome, how can I help? How can I be a part? What can I do?"  If you live far away in the USA and around the world and want to help, you can support The Milk Hall of Fame with our Patreon and accounts. You can also help our prize pools grow and build The Milk Hall of Fame by supporting us at Patreon or

Prize Pool Currently $1,000.00 USD
Help us build the prize pool with your Patreon sponsorship.

You may remain anonymous.


New - Most views prize - After numerous requests, we have agreed to have a prize for the most views of a USA & International Audition video. It makes sense that if you try hard to make a great video you should get a prize. We will keep you updated on this. Note: If you think we might not have seen your video; please email us a link.

USA and International Sponsors: Please send us an email HERE or from our contact form below if you wish to be an American or International sponsor. We will let everyone know about your products and services and how you love The Milk Hall of Fame. I will want to interview you on and episode of Happy Television. We may call on our international sponsors to provide prizes in their own country. This way, we can have winners from the USA and around the world!

"More milk ... pwease?"
... in your language!



Due to very many requests, you may now submit your
videos & photos of the following in your own language:

(Use #moremilkpwease for each.)

"More milkshake ... pwease?"

"More chocolate milk ... pwease?"

"More cheese ... pwease?"

"More yogurt ... pwease?"

"More ice cream ... pwease?"

"More cheese pizza ... pwease?"
"More CeREAL ... pwease?"

"More pudding ... pwease?"

"More cheesecake ... pwease?"

"More gelato ... pwease?"

Click Here for the updated rules. Yes, thanks to your numerous emails, there will be more than 1 category of winners. See the rules for more info.

Note: Yes, you may go over the 3:30 time limit (with a 6 minute maximum) if you include "Documentary" in your title. The "Documentary" submissions should tell your "Drink Your Milk & "Eat Your Milk" story; whatever it is. It must include you/your child being inducted into The Milk Hall of Fame - and singing The Mighty Moo Cows cheer (of course).

Note: Yes, starting this season, we will allow you to donate to our Patreon or  to dramatically increase our prize pool.

Note:  No, you do not need to purchase any of our merchandise - but you can if you wish - it will help us build the prize pool and keep The Milk Hall of Fame THRIVING!

Note: For the first time, we will also allow corporate sponsorships. Email us for more information. Every thing you buy or provide us at Patreon or  helps us grow and increases the prize pool for our contests!
Note: Since we are excited about allowing submissions in all languages; please attempt to have someone translate into English (especially for videos so that the world may enjoy it) WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR SUBMISSION!

Note: If I missed or messed up your language, I apologize in advance. I used Google Translate. Send me an email and we will fix or add it quickly.

Note: You may translate The Mighty Moo Cows Cheer from below into YOUR language for inclusion in your video submission.

Note: "Pwease" is the way the Karly says,"please". (It's adorable!) Pwease is not a real English word. It is just a sweet way that Karly speaks. Your submission should include the sweet child version of "pwease" as part of the rest of the slogan in your language.. - Bethany

Summary: You may enter as many times as you wish as a video submission, documentary & photo meme and please translated into your language and subtitle in English for greater appeal.

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BIG & exciting news Yes, this 2019-2020 season you may create and submit your #MoreMilkPwease meme photographs in multiple categories in your own language. No need to make an entire video; just create and post a fun photo like Karly's above (it may include more than 1 person, like brothers & sisters and parents/caregiver) with the #MoreMilkPwease hashtag, print it and take a picture of it on or in your fridge/freezer/locker/wall, etc.,.


Example: You might have older children with younger brothers and sisters. You might have all of your teen children with their Chocolate milk after some gaming, eSports or field sports. You might also include, "More milk ... pwease?"  or other categories while the children are holding cheese pizza or ice cream - Eat Your Milk! You can enter as a group cheer leaders, sports teams, college kids, military. You can be a rap, country, rock, opera, a Capella singer or group. Be happy, be creative and have fun! Don't forget Chocolate Milk! (Any award will go to the submitting adult.)

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Example: You may use any of the following in your submissions: milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, dips and other cultured dairy foods, ice cream cakes, cream cheese, cream, ice cream, ice milk, sherbets, sorbets, frozen yogurt, milk, whey powder, cheese pizza and "made with milk" recipes.


Make your submissions as creative, edited and adorable as you wish. As the prize pool grows, we will create a prize list for the Internet's favorite #MoreMilkPwease meme fridge pics.


Update: This will be a LONG term and ongoing contest with multiple selection dates. When we see awesome; we will award a prize! We will want you to show what you can do with your #MoreMilkPwease photo AND your fridge (on the front AND inside!) As always, we will do our best to show your pics on live episodes of Happy Television - brought to you by The Milk Hall of Fame.

We will routinely search for #MoreMilkPwease on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You may send us an email below with a link to ensure that we see your video. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY MUSIC AT ALL - EXCEPT FOR THE MIGHT MOO COWS CHEER OR HAPPY TELEVISION THEME SONG.

Do NOT demonstrate wasting milk or any food stuff.

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Help our teams, "The Mighty Moo Cows!" and "The Chocolate Moo Cows!" build your Milk Hall of Fame as an agricultural educational and entertainment destination location for the awesome milk fans from the USA and around the world! Every time you submit someone for membership in The Milk Hall of Fame and purchase our products or become part of our Patreon sponsor, you are helping us Realize our goal. We are currently seeking out the perfect location for The Milk Hall of Fame in The United States.  Hope to see you at your Milk Hall of Fame!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you soon. - Bethany