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Milk has the most loyal and passionate fans in the world!

Whether you eat or drink cow, almond, banana, oat, goat or any other

milk, cheese & milk chocolate, we are glad you are here at
The Milk Hall of Fame..

​Children around the world are now asking their parents & caregivers:

"More milk ... pwease?"™ - "More cheese ... pwease?"

"More ice cream ... pwease?" - "More pizza ... pwease?
... in their OWN languages
with whatever milk they drink or eat.
Please become a free member and support your team:

The Mighty Moo Cows - Go Cows GO!

New: Updates to submission below. Real fun!

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Keep your entries and creativity coming. They look great & make us smile.


​Thanks to our wonderful spokesmodel & best friend, Karly for continuing to star in our 2019 Milk Hall of Fame USA & International marketing campaign. She is doing a fantastic job, meeting wonderful people everywhere! All kinds of children around the country are becoming members of The Milk Hall of Fame. Everyone wants to hear her say, "More milk ... pwease?"

The "Big Reveal" of our new spokesmodels will be on a live episode
of Happy Television during 2020's CeREAL Bowl Funday.


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This is some of Mr. Stew's milk strong Heroes of Tomorrow. They are the young men and women who will guard and protect our freedom from all the bad people. They will NEVER rest. They will become police, fire, EMS, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and other special operators in service to our country and way of life. The Milk Hall of Fame loves and supports Mr. Stew and his team. We call them al lot of things. Here, we call them our "Milk Heroes". Mr. Stew is shown at the US Naval Academy near our home. While we sleep in on the weekend after a long night out, Mr. Stew wakes up before the sunrise and drives to the USNA. After a big hello to the Heroes of Tomorrow, they begin their physical fitness training. The thing that daddy says that he likes the most about Mr. Stew is that he tells his team, "... minimums DO NOT apply!" Always try for one more of whatever you are doing. Don't submit to the minimum. Go for your personal maximum.

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Help our teams, "The Mighty Moo Cows!" and "The Chocolate Moo Cows!" build your Milk Hall of Fame as an agricultural educational and entertainment destination location for the awesome Dairy Farmers and real milk fans from the USA and around the world! Every time you submit someone for membership in The Milk Hall of Fame and purchase our products or become part of our Patreon sponsor, you are helping us REALize our goal. We are currently seeking out the perfect location for The Milk Hall of Fame in The United States.  Hope to see you at your Milk Hall of Fame!