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Whey the Horsey


Team #DrinkYourWhey™

​● Good horsey

● Loves to help

● Milk fueled!
- Drinks whey protein shakes.

- Says, “Whey!” instead of “Neigh!”

- Likes to pull the Mighty Moo Cows™ around in a wagon FAST!

- Loves to say, “I am bigger, stronger smarter- HEY- fueled by Milk; GET OUTTA THE WHEY!"

- When the Mighty Moo Cows™ see Whey, they say, "Hooray - it's Whey!"

We needed a powerful "Mighty Moo Cows!" team member.

We came up with "Whey the Horsey".

For those of you who do not know, whey is the protein rich liquid that is left over from the production of cheese.

Like Little Miss Muffet who was eating her curds and whey.

Whey likes to say, ".... outta the whey!" and "... I'm on the whey!"

We told Mentol, our illustrator from Indonesia that we wanted Whey the Horsey to look:

● Confident

● Handsome

● Fun
● Happy

● Powerful

● Bigger

● Stronger

● Smarter & more.

We think she got it perfect.

whey sketch.png
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