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Liberty the GOAT 

Liberty the GOAT™

Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)

Team #EatYourCereal!™
"...more cereal, pwease?"

Loves strawberry milk.
Calls it “GOAT milk”

Confident, fast, fun

Best friends with Whey the Horsey™

Proud to be the fastest MMC team member. 

Loves to brag about how shiny their wheel machine is.
Never gives up! Never gives in!

Kind and gentle heart.


Note: Mentol's camera was broken and she could not make a time-lapse video of Liberty the GOAT's creation. We did find our inspiration video below.

People ask us where we came up with the idea for Liberty the Goat. We have always loved animals and believe that they should be helped for all they do for us. When Bethany was little, she bought a back flip dog she called Liberty from Five Below.


It broke and she made a wheel chair for it.


Five Below thought it was so cool that they sent her a gift card, t-shirt and bag.


Note: she just found the original Liberty in our basement. His batteries still work. Cool.

Here is the email they sent to Bethany:

Mar 27, 2016

Dear Dennis (for Bethany),


Thank you so much for writing in and sharing that video with us!


I think your daughter has a VERY bright future ahead of her – I absolutely LOVE IT!   If you wouldn’t mind, would you send me her name & mailing address?  For her hard work and creativity (and also for the broken puppy), I would love to send her a $25 Five Below gift card!


I cannot wait to share the video with my office on our return to work on Monday.


Thank you,


Store Operations, Customer Relations

Five Below, Inc. 

Here is the video of the first Liberty who was a dog.

Download all of our original artwork HERE. For personal use only. Not to be sold or resold.

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