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Happy Television with The Dancles is all about fun and happiness - everywhere in the world. It is about "... the pursuit of happiness" wherever you are and whatever you do to to be happy or bring happiness to others.

In our upcoming episodes, we will talk with our "Happy Reporters"  and Dancles Dancers from around the world who will show you what it is like to live, love, travel, play and have fun in their country.

We love to cook, play, laugh, love & learn.

If you know of someone who would be a great Happy Television with The Dancles guest via Skype or in person at our Internet City Studios in Maryland, send my producer an email. He will get back to you soon.

Join us for new episodes of Happy Television with The Dancles on The Internet Broadcast Network.

Bigger - Stronger - Smarter - More!
That's what we're here for!

I am Bethany. I am a happy thirteen year old young lady. This is where I live at Internet City Studios. Yes, I live in a television broadcast facility. To me, it's normal. It's fun and I learn a lot just by living here. I love to meet and become friends with nice, happy people from around the world who are pursuing happiness in their own way. Happy Television with The Dancles is about my pursuit of happiness and yours. Happy Television with The Dancles is brought to you by The Milk Hall of Fame and our other wonderful sponsors. If you want to be a sponsor, email my daddy.


Daddy turned our family home into World Headquarters of The Internet Broadcast Network and Internet City Studios as the next generation of fully automated, live broadcast television.


My brothers, Christian (Flight Commander) and Hunter (SlothyCreates) and I are producing numerous live broadcasts about eSports & Gaming, as well as Sports, Technology, Art, Gaming & Entertainment (STAGE Television).


My favorite and main live broadcast is Happy Television with The Dancles and The Internet Test Kitchen.


In the words of The Partridge Family, "... come on get happy!"

I am a YouTube trained art director, artist, illustrator, animator and designer and wanted to show my "girl power" by designing and creating The Milk Hall of Fame for the awesome and passionate Milk Fans around the world.


Happy Television with The Dancles and The Milk Hall of Fame are for all of my BFFs around the world.


Join me as I go step by step with people in the milk, art, design, marketing and tourism industries. I am dedicated to making this a fun and rewarding long term project. The Milk Hall of Fame and Happy Television with The Dancles are already turning heads in the worldwide milk industry. I am getting lots of nice emails and now that my store is online, I hope to sell a lot of great Milk Hall of Fame - Mighty Moo Cows merchandise. They look really good and fun.


I always say, "... everybody wants to be in The Milk Hall of Fame because it includes ice cream, cheesecake, double cheese pizza, and milkshakes too!"


I will be live broadcasting the creation and evolution of The Milk Hall of Fame on my Happy Television with The Dancles. I will be taking live Skype/Zoom calls and face to face fun interviews with awesome guests from around the world in my "pursuit of happiness". Please support my efforts by becoming a Patreon sponsor below. - Love Bethany  

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