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"We have our 10,000 hours in advertising, AND we surround ourselves with advertising giants!"


We know the milk industry, and can see the future of milk. Our lifestyle advertising brand is fully developed, and ready to accept new licensees, & advertising/marketing partners in the USA.

We have countless Milk Hall of Fame, Milk Drinking Team, and Mighty Moo Cows member from over 130+ countries around the world. People arrive as a stranger; and leave as a lifetime member of The Milk Hall of Fame.


We work with, and consult on a routine, and daily basis with some of the giants of business, consulting, licensing, farmers, growers, and industry strategists from around the world.

We have ZERO competitors in the only untapped, unmarketed, TRILLION dollar worldwide consumer product industry that ~ until now, has no officially licensed merchandise ~ for 6 BILLION unserved #MilkFanatics.


Note: Dairy, and non-dairy milk and milk products have an over 750 BILLION dollar direct economic impact in the USA alone. HERE

Imagine that you are walking in the forest and happen upon a beautiful, and heretofore unseen & undiscovered gilded castle that has been hiding in plain sight for 100 years.

You walk up to the castle, and at the front door there is an envelope. You open the envelope to find a note that says, "Congratulations bold disruptor! You have discovered the secret golden castle which has been hidden in plain sight. It is full of treasures and valuable artifacts beyond belief and your wildest imagination.

These treasures will be ravenously desired by
6 BILLION #MilkFanatics around the world.


By reading this letter, and being, or wanting to be a disruptor in the consumer product licensing industry; it can all be yours. All you have to do is sing The Mighty Moo Cows™ cheer!


You have discovered a new child and adult lifestyle brand in the only untapped, unmarketed TRILLION dollar, worldwide, consumer product industry where; until now ~ no licensed merchandise exists!

The Milk Hall of Fame, LLC. welcomes esteemed licensing disruptors who wish to be one of the first to tap the ONLY, trusted lifestyle brand in the heretofore unrecognized TRILLION-dollar(yes, TRILLION-dollar) global consumer lifestyle industry with 6 BILLION #MilkFanatics who can now be able to purchase officially licensed lifestyle branded merchandise.


Just happened (exciting): We were having a 14th birthday party for our son, Hunter. A new boy who had never been to our home stopped at our fridge, pointed at it and said, "... what's The Milk Hall of Fame?" Hunter, Christian, and Bethany had a great time telling him about it. He said, "... Cool, if it means more milk, ice cream and cheese, I want to join!" He is now a member. #MilkHallOfFame


The Milk Hall of Fame®  is Highlighted in the
World Renowned Licensing Magazine


The Milk Hall of Fame® is Highlighted In the
World Renowned LicenseGlobal

​We Discovered the World’s “Hidden in Plain Sight”, Untapped, Trillion Dollar Consumer Lifestyle Brand Industry ~ We Are: Bigger, Stronger, Smarter ~ More! That’s What We’re Here For! We’re the Mighty Moo Cows™, Go Cows Go!

We are the only global team for 6 BILLION passionate #MilkFanatics!

lic 33.png

As a Licensing Professional, can you a name a single US, or worldwide multi-generational "milk lifestyle brand" of licensed merchandise?


Probably not, because, until now, there has not been any worldwide lifestyle brands for the TRILLION-dollar, diverse global milk industry, and its 6 BILLION dedicated and passionate #MilkFanatics.


Search in every country for "Licensed Milk Merchandise" and compare to "Licensed Team Merchandise". Notice any difference?

global trillion.png

The diverse global milk industry is a $1,000,000,000,000 (One TRILLION) per year marketplace for 6,000,000,000 (Six BILLION!) passionate and dedicated #MilkFanatics from 195 countries around the world.

Note: 1 TRILLION dollars is one million stacks of 1 MILLION dollars.

You may also search LicenseGlobal for the term "Milk" below, and see how little (zero) worldwide licensed milk lifestyle brands there are in the $1,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION dollar) diverse milk industry. There are 6,000,000,000 (6 BILLION) loyal, diverse, passionate & devoted milk fanatics around the world. 

Goal: To develop the world’s Milk Hall of Fame® “team of creators & Influencers” with our beloved & diverse brand of U.S. Milk Drinking Team™ characters, the “Mighty Moo Cows™”, via YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, Pinterest, Reddit, Weibo, Kuaishou, Facebook and other social media properties to educate & “increase sales and multi-generational demand for all milk” in children, teens and adults.


There is ONLY 1 licensed lifestyle brand in the diverse world of milk ~ the world's Milk Hall of Fame®.and all of our associated brands


The Milk Hall of Fame®, the US Milk Drinking Team™ (and national Milk Drinking Teams™), and all of the Mighty Moo Cows™ characters and digital assets are available for licensing in numerous categories.


Milk Consumption Around the World - Link

Milk in Antarctica? Why, yes thank you very much!


Case study: There is no current "live" USPTO Registered Trademark for Officially Licensed Consumer merchandise in the entire diverse global milk industry.


Our diverse global milk lifestyle brands were conceived of to “Create Officially Licensed, Lifestyle Brand Merchandise Sales, and Increase Multi-generational Demand for the Diversity of Milk”.

List of Top 150 Licensed Brands HERE - the world's Milk Hall of Fame®, Milk Drinking Team™, and The Mighty Moo Cows™ can & should be EASILY high on this list!

The world's diverse  milk industry is the ONLY $1,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION dollar) per year industry with a highly dedicated fanbase of 6,000,000,000 (6 BILLION) diverse milk fanatics.

These diverse, loyal, passionate #MilkFanatics now have their own lifestyle brand!

Milk Hall of Fame® - Milk Drinking Team™ - Mighty Moo Cows™
The Only Milk Lifestyle Brands in the World! by the Milk Hall of Fame, LLC.

Until now, the world's Milk Hall of Fame®, Milk Drinking Team™, & Mighty Moo Cows™ fans have had NO discernible or effective Officially Licensed Consumer Lifestyle Branded Merchandise.


These passionate & dedicated fans want to display their “team colors” and show their “team pride”.

There is absolutely no milk lifestyle brand Officially Licensed Consumer Merchandise presence on retail shelves, sports, online, or at supermarkets, animation, mass market, big box, fashion, apparel, restaurants, hardware/home improvement, premium apparel, souvenir, consumer electronics, jewelry, accessories, destinations, entertainment, leisure or home goods locations.

There certainly should be one ~ and now there is!

The Milk Hall of Fame, LLC. presents the world's Milk Hall of Fame®, Milk Drinking Team™ & Mighty Moo Cows™ Officially Licensed Consumer Merchandise. Our #MilkLifestyle brands convey and fuels emotion to the dedicated and passionate consumer base of six billion #MilkFanatics.


Milk Hall of Fame®, Milk Drinking Team™ & Mighty Moo Cows™ Officially Licensed consumer lifestyle brand merchandise can make you laugh, cry, smile, frown, spark happy emotions & memories from your past and convey them to your children.


It can elicit taste, smell, sight and hearing memories!


The teen, adult, parent, caregiver friend or relative who loved milk and all the happiness associated as a child, can now convey this message to their children, grandchildren, family and friends.


This happens all the while, enhancing the positive views and image of the world's milk and enforcing the message of the $1,000,000,000,000 TRILLION DOLLAR, global, diverse milk industry.


Why not include the Milk Hall of Fame®, Milk Drinking Team, and Mighty Moo Cows (Go Cows, GO!) Officially Licensed consumer lifestyle brand merchandise as part of your portfolio in the heretofore unreachable 328,208 brick-and-mortar retail stores throughout the United States, partner countries, and on the Internet around the world!


Each is a unrealized retail location profit center for the milk industry. Each can be a multi-generational source of income, brand identity, and ownership to “increase sales and demand for all types of milk”.


Case study: Consider where the Milk Hall of Fame® and our associated brands might have a licensed consumer merchandise presence ~ for the next 25 years, or more, to “create licensed merchandise sales and increase multi-generational demand for milk”

There are over 9,600 CVS in the USA, 9,021 Walgreens, over 5,500 Walmart & Sam’s Club, 2,800 Kroger, 1,897 Target, 1,300 Safeway stores in the USA. Milk is the ONLY $750,000,000,000.00 per year (US Economic Impact) industry with a world potential fan base of 6,000,000,000 International Milk Hall of Fame® milk fanatics around the country and the world, with absolutely NO officially licensed consumer merchandise shelf space.

Are you a disruptor? We are advertising disruptors!

This is your "once-in-a-career" opportunity. You know it; and we know that you know it.

If you would like to be a big part of the most popular (and only) worldwide licensed brand in the diverse TRILLION DOLLAR milk industry, please contact our director of licensing.

Trust is the most important part of any relationship/partnership. We are looking for bold licensing partners/collaborators/thought leaders who are focused, world class innovators, and multi-generational & long term strategists, who execute and follow through.

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