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Milken’ the Kitty™

Team #DrinkYourMilk™

Fun, outgoing, friendly, sassy, talented dancer, singer, & artist

Pretty kitty who loves rice milk

Tries to say, "mew", but sounds like "mooo".

Best friends with Mackin’ the Mouse

Likes all milk and cereal ALOT!

Milken’ wears a mouse hat because she wants to be just like Mackin’ wearing hat like mouse ears

Milken’ & Mackin’ best friends forever (BFF)

Twinsies with same suspenders

Always says, "DRINK your milk!"™.

Milken' the Kitty

milken sketch.png

Mentol was very excited to create Milken' the Cat.

Milken' is best friends forever (BFF) with Mackin' the Mouse.

She loves to wear her Mackin' the Mouse hat.

The only way that she differs from Makin the Mouse, is that she loves to say, #DrinkYourMilk where Mackin's says, "Eat your milk!"

We had such a fun time writing the "Milken' say" song.

We wrote it the same day that we wrote the "Mackin' say" song.

Milken' is easily one of everybody's favorite Mighty Moo Cow!

Download all of our original artwork HERE. For personal use only. Not to be sold or resold.

milken say.png
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