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Milkshake the Llama

Milkshake the Llama™

Team #DrinkYourMilk!™ & Team #EatYourMilk!™

Fun and funny milkshake fanatic

Loves to wear favorite MMC "llamer pajammers"™

Loves milkshakes

Favorite flavors of milkshake:

1. Nanners (bananas)

2. Blueberry

3. Cherry

4. Peaches

Will talk to you about all the MMC hats, shirts, "llamer pajammers,"™ and all of their MMC and MHoF collectibles

more milkshake.png
ice cream sketch.png

This is Milkshake the Llama wearing a night cap.

We explained to Mentol, our illustrator from Indonesia that people in the USA don't wear night caps any more.

We had a fun laugh.

We are still looking around to see if we have a pencil sketch of Milkshake the Llama without the night cap. There might not be one, but we will look.

Milkshake the Llama is easily the a team favorite when you want an all around player on the US Milk Drinking Team, or as they call it, the US Milkshake Drinking Team.

Milkshake the Llama is on team #DrinkYourMilkshake

Milkshake the Llama is easily a fan favorite on everyone's US Milkshake Drinking Team

Go cows, GO!

Download all of our original artwork HERE. For personal use only. Not to be sold or resold.


Found it!

After making this page, I went on a search for Milkshake the Llama not wearing a night cap.

Well, I found it.


It is fun making our characters with our illustrator, Mentol, who lives in Indonesia.

We hope you enjoy her brilliance.

We sure do!

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