MHoF USA & International Spokesmodel Contest

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Milk Hall of Fame announces USA and International 2020 spokesmodel video and photographic auditions have begun - in your own language.

SEVERNA PARK, Md. – April 26, 2019 – The Milk Hall of Fame announces the 2020 USA and International spokesmodel video and photo auditions have begun. Children all around the world are now asking their parents and caregivers; "More milk … pwease?" when requesting their favorite milk drink. This year, The Milk Hall of Fame will be accepting video and photo submissions from the 6 billion real milk fans around the world in their own native language! It's now your child's opportunity to become a free Milk Hall of Fame member and maybe even one of our USA and International photo and video spokesmodelsfor 2020 - in their own language. You can now utilize the free MHoF Photo Certificate Generator with your own photos as part of your child's induction ceremony.

"We are so excited that The Milk Hall of Fame will now be accepting online photo and video audition submissions from around the world for people from age 1 to 100+ to have the opportunity to become one of our MHoF spokesmodels, in their own language" exclaimed Bethany Buettner, age 12, Director of The Milk Hall of Fame and Host of Happy Television! "Our milk fans will be auditioning to become photo and video spokesmodels for the world's Milk Hall of Fame, asking our famous question, 'More milk … pwease?', just like our 2019 International Spokesmodel, Karly. We started by expanding submissions in Spanish, ‘Más leche ... ¿por favor?’, and quickly learned that children in the USA and world speak over 275+ languages. The one word that they all seem to know in English is 'pwease', (please) as spoken like Karly ~ and they ALL want more foods made from nutritious milk." #MoreMilkPwease

"More milk ... pwease?" - "almazid min alhalib alhaqiqi ... pwease؟" - "Mehr echte Milch ... pwease?" - "Encore du vrai lait ... pwease?" - “Gèng zhēnshí de niúnǎi...... Pwease?” - "Meer echte melk ... pwease?"

"More milkshakes ... pwease?" - "More cheese ... pwease?" - "More ice cream ... pwease?" - "More cheese pizza ... pwease?" - "More Cereal ... pwease?"

The Milk Hall of Fame is self funded and we are building a prize pool with the help of the friends and fans of milk from around the world. As our prize pool grows ~ our prizes will grow. We will soon be on our way to building a permanent Milk Hall of Fame in the USA. If you are a fan of milk, cheese, ice cream happiness and want to help us, please consider becoming a Milk Hall of Fame sponsor/partner at our .

The Milk Hall of Fame is the first and only fraternal organization for children and adults to celebrate all the wonderful things that milk brings into our lives. The most prestigious honor is to nominate a real milk powered child, teen, college kid, adult for a free lifetime induction and membership into The Milk Hall of Fame.

The “More milk … pwease?” & Milk Hall of Fame trademarks are available to be licensed for food, drink and merchandise companies for U.S. and international sales.

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