Press Release: Milk Hall of Fame on Happy Television

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The Milk Hall of Fame on Happy Television will debut, January 2019. The highest and most prestigious is to nominate someone special for a lifetime induction and enshrinement into The Milk Hall of Fame. Enshrinees of The Milk Hall of Fame celebrate and learn about the fun and healthy benefits of drinking and eating milk. Enshrinees of The Milk Hall of Fame will become members of the MHoF Mighty Moo Cows. Go Cows GO! Home of The Mighty Moo Cows - Go Cows - GO!

Bigger - Faster - Stronger - Smarter

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "I am excited to announce the international grand opening of The Milk Hall of Fame​, brought to you as sponsor of my live broadcast of Happy Television show from Internet City Studios in Maryland. Happy Television is about '... the pursuit of happiness" of my best friends from around the world and is a​ ​live broadcast of The Internet Broadcast Network," stated Bethany​ ​Buettner, 13 year old Milk Hall of Fame Founder and Director. "I am hoping that​ ​every mommy, daddy, caregiver, family member or friend will want to​ ​nominate their special and passionate child, teen, college kid or​ ​adult for lifetime honor of enshrinement into The Milk Hall of Fame. Membership in The Milk Hall of Fame is truly the highest honor. My goal is to be able to work with and promote the milk industry by building the physical​ ​Milk Hall of Fame facility close to our home near Washington, D.C.. Over ​30​ ​million guests and honorees visit the DC/Md./Va. metropolitan area every year. They will certainly want to visit The Milk Hall of Fame. The ​double cheese pizza, chocolate milk, milk, ​milkshakes​, ice cream, cakes ​and​ ​cookies at The Milk Hall of Fame facility will be terrific.​ The Milk Hall of Fame will truly showcase all of the best parts of the milk and associated industries.​ Go Cows Go!"

"The Milk Hall of Fame on my Happy Television show is all about the celebration of the best​ ​tasting milk, chocolate milk, nanner almond milk, strawberry milk, double​ ​cheese pizzas, grilled​ ​cheese sandwiches, ice cream, milkshakes,​ ​cheeseburgers, cakes, pies, ​cookies, ​desserts, yogurt, ice cream cakes, cream​ ​cheese, cottage cheese,​ ​quesadillas, cheese, protein smoothies, cheese​ ​dip - and all happy things made with every kind of milk," said Bethany. "The entire​ ​lifetime selection, induction and enshrinement process​ into The Milk Hall of Fame​ is completely​ ​free. Once the honoree receives verification of enshrinement, ​they​ ​may download and print their Milk Hall of Fame Official Enshrinement​ ​Certificate. ​The official certificate, with their photograph included, is suitable for framing, but we want you to ​tape their Milk Hall of Fame Official Enshrinement​ ​Certificate in a place of honor right on the front of your​ ​refrigerator! This will remind them to drink and EAT their milk every day! Have your​ ​honoree proudly tell all of their family and friends that that they love​ ​to "Drink their milk!" and "Eat their milk!" stated Bethany. "Make​ ​sure that they learn the Milk Hall of Fame cheer! ​'We're The Mighty Moo Cows, ​Go Cows - GO!​'​"

The Milk Hall of Fame is the first and only international, fraternal organization for special and passionate children, teens, college kids or​ ​adults to​ ​celebrate all the wonderful, nutritious and delicious things that cow ​milk​​ brings into our lives. Go Cows GO!

The Milk Hall of Fame sponsors the eSports & Gaming Network & Happy​ ​Television live broadcasts from the Internet City Studios of The​ ​Internet Broadcast Network. The Milk Hall of Fame is home to Stew Smith's Milk​ ​Heroes, The Mighty Moo Cows, The Milk​ ​Pyrates and The Chocolate​ ​Pyrates - our professional eSports & Gaming Team of The eSports and Gaming Network. We're The Mighty Moo Cows, Go Cows,​ ​GO!

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