Press Release: Mentol Creates Mackin' the Mouse - Eat Your Milk!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

This is Mackin' the Mouse

Bigger - Faster - Stronger - Smarter.


"Watch our wonderful best friend and world class illustrator, Mentol create Mackin' the Mouse and more of The Mighty Moo Cows from the Indonesia location of our Internet Design Factory! HERE" stated Bethany Buettner, Founder and Director of The Milk Hall of Fame. "Mackin the Mouse is: Serious and smart. He loves to wear favorite Mighty Moo Cows uniform all the time. He is a big fan of double cheese pizzas. Friends call him "Mackin' Cheese" His favorite flavors of real cheese are:

1. American

2. Mozzarella

3. Cheese ice cream

4. Cream cheese

Mackin' always says, "Eat your milk!"

We are proud to have Mackin' the Mouse as part of The Milk Hall of Fame's Mighty Moo Cows! We're The Mighty Moo Cows, Eat your milk!""

The Milk Hall of Fame sponsors the eSports & Gaming Network & Happy Television live broadcasts from the Internet City Studios of The Internet Broadcast Network. The Milk Hall of Fame is home to Stew Smith's Milk Heroes, The Mighty Moo Cows, The Milk Pyrates and The Chocolate Pyrates - our professional eSports & Gaming Team of The eSports and Gaming Network. We're The Mighty Moo Cows, Go Cows, GO!

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