Press Release: The Chocolate Pyrates Professional eSports & Gaming Team Named

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

For Immediate Release

Milk Hall of Fame Names Its eSports & Gaming Team - The Chocolate Pyrates

The eSports & Gaming Network - Home of The MilkPyrates, names its competitive professional Fortnite and Roblox gaming team, The Chocolate Pyrates as part of The Milk Hall of Fame’s competitive gaming division.

Bigger - Stronger - Smarter - More .... that's what we're here for!

Severna Park, Md. - Team Captains, Christian Buettner (FlightCommander), age 13, and Hunter Buettner (SlothyRBLX), age 12, have selected their Professional Competitive eSports & Gaming team name as The Chocolate Pyrates.

“SlothyRBLX (Hunter) and I, are excited to announce that the team name for our Professional eSports and Gaming Team is The Chocolate Pyrates.” stated FlightCommander (Christian). “Professional competitive eSports and Gaming is becoming enormous and growing exponentially around the world with no end in sight. Slothy and I excited to promote chocolate milk as our recovery drink when we finish our post event stretching and exercise regime. We have tried all different drinks and found that we feel the best after an ice cold chocolate milk after our successful quest. Go Cows Go!

The Milk Hall of Fame is the first and only international, fraternal organization for special and passionate children, teens, college kids or​ ​adults to​ ​celebrate all the wonderful, nutritious and delicious things that cow brings into our lives. Go Cows GO!

The Milk Hall of Fame sponsors the eSports & Gaming Network & Happy​ ​Television live broadcasts from the Internet City Studios of The​ ​Internet Broadcast Network. The Milk Hall of Fame and Chocolate Pyrates are the home to Stew Smith's Milk​ ​Heroes, The Mighty Moo Cows, The Milk​ ​Pyrates and The Chocolate​ ​Pyrates - our professional eSports & Gaming Team of The eSports and Gaming Network. We're The Mighty Moo Cows, Go Cows,​ ​GO!

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