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Click HERE for our high resolution Mighty Moo Cows team graphics.
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I wanted to show you exactly what it takes to build The Milk Hall of Fame and produce episodes of my Happy Television. Mommy and Daddy thought it was a great idea. I think it is important to learn and teach everyone what I learn as we progress. I will do all I can to show you how the puzzle pieces come together to make the big picture.

Ever since I was little I was told that all projects, small and big are just like puzzles. One piece at a time until the puzzle is done. This is how I approach the Milk Hall of Fame and Happy Television.

My favorite part is that I want you to believe in yourself like I believe in myself. I find time every day to make updates to our website and develop better and more fun episodes of Happy Television. I believe in you. Believe in yourself. I don't know everything, but I am passionate about learning. Find your passion and follow it.

These are the original sketches for our Mighty Moo Cows characters - and characters they are! Mentol and I drew the sketches. More are coming and we want you to help name them and give them character traits. I will be the one who animates them.


I think you will like them too. Here is an extract from our communications from USA >>> Indonesia and back with Mentol and Bethany. We share Google Docs, Skype, Text, and screen capture videos back and forth. It is helping me to be a good communicator, plus Mentol is very sweet.

This is where we keep our original illustrations. HERE. Use them however you wish. Show me what you can do with them. I can't wait to see.

Here is a link to all of our final drawings below. You may use them as you wish.

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Milkshake the Llama


Fun and funny

Loves to wear favorite pajamas.

Loves milkshakes.

Favorite flavors of milkshake:

1. Nanners (bananas)

2. Blueberry

3. Cherry

4. Peaches

Note: We adjusted Milkshake's favorite flavors from Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.

lovey sketch.png
llama ready for paint.jpg

Eat your milk!


Mackin' the Mouse


Serious and smart

Loves to wear favorite Mighty Moo Cows uniform all the time.

Loves double cheese pizzas.

Friends call him "Mackin' Cheese"

Favorite flavors of cheese:

1. American

2. Mozzarella

3. Cheese ice cream

4. Cream cheese

Always says, "Eat your milk!"

Here's our best buddy, "Mackin Cheese" getting a little brushing up by Mentol. I can't wait to get my Mackin Cheese shirt.

mackin sketch.png
moo 1.png

drink your milk!

Lovey the Cow


Great singer and artist

Calls the others, "My Little Ones"

Loves to wear favorite Mighty Moo Cows cape.

Loves making milk.

Friends call her "Lovey Cow"

Favorite flavors of milk:

1. Milk flavored

2. Apple cinnamon flavored

3. Chocolate flavored

4. Strawberry

Always says, "Lovey, My Milk!"

Always puts a tiny "y" in our Love my milk slogan so it says "Lovey My Milk!"

lovey sketch1.png
lovey my milk3.png
moo ready to paint.jpg

Look - Mentol is doing the water coloring of Lovey the Cow! She said that it got cloudy and rainy and you could see where the sun went behind the clouds. She does a lot of her work in natural sunlight.  What a great job! Go Mentol, Go!

buck sketch1.png

Woof woof moo!

Buck the Doge


Fast runner

Loves to wear favorite Mighty Moo Cows vest.

Loves drinking milk.

Friends call him "Bucky Doge"

Favorite flavors of milk:

1. Strawberry flavored

2. Bacon flavored

3. Milk flavored

Always trying to "moo" to sound like his team mates. (Sounds like a squeaky bark. LOL)

i don't know!

Ice Cream the Penguin



Thinks he's a cow.

Loves almond milk.

Moos like a penguin would sound if it tried to sound like a cow.

Came to the MHoF because he loves ice cream and wants to be near where ice cream comes from.

Favorite flavors of ice cream:

1. Blueberry flavored

2. Fish flavored

3. Peppermint flavored

4. Blackberry & chocolate chips

Always trying to "moo" to sound like his team mates.


Here is an AWESOME time lapse video of our Mentol painting Ice Cream the Penguin. I will be editing it and adding some elements real soon. I am kind of busy at school.


People ask me where we came up with the idea for Liberty the Goat. I have always loved animals and believe that they should be helped for all they do for us. When I was little, I bought a back flip dog I called Liberty from Five Below. It broke and I made a wheel chair for it. Five Below thought it was so cool that they sent me a gift card, t-shirt and bag. Note: I just found the original Liberty in our basement. His batteries still work. Cool.

eat your milk!

Milken’ the Cat

Pretty girl kitty

Tries to say, "mew", but sounds like "mooo".
Best friends with Mackin’ the Mouse
Likes almond and cow milk and cereal ALOT!
Milken’ wears a mouse hat because she wants to be just like Mackin’ wearing hat like mouse ears
Mouse ears MUST look like Mackin’s ears.
Milken’ & Mackin’ Best Friends Forever. (BFF)
Color easy for Bethany to animate.
Twinsies with same suspenders.

milken the cat.png

This is what we sent to Mentol as our description of what we wanted Milken' the cat to look like. We think she made Milken' better than we had hoped for. We love how Milken's mouse hat even has Macken's face on it. LOL

milken sketch 2.png
whey good 1.png

I love both!

Whey the Horsey


He's a good boy

Loves to be a helper

Milk Fueled!

Drinks whey protein shakes.
Says, “Wheeey” instead of “Naaay”.
Likes to pull wagons of milk.
Likes to pull the Mighty Moo Cows around in a wagon FAST!
Loves to say, “I am big, strong and fast and smart - Milk Powered, get outta the Whey!” or just “ Milk Powered - get outta the Whey!”
When the Mighty Moo Cows see him, they say, "Hooray - it's Whey!"

whey the horse.png

This is what I sent to Mentol in response to our description of what we wanted Whey the Horsey to look like. Once again, she made him better than I expected. He sure looks big, strong and fast - and smart. Mentol is such a good communicator - and all the way around the world from Malang City, Indonesia. (Near Australia.)

whey sketch.png

This (below) is what Mentol sent to use as for Ice Cream the Penguin. They were nice (of course), but we all agreed that the third version (the one we use) of Ice Cream the Penguin was more than perfect! Great job Mentol!- Love Bethany

not approved2.jpg
not approved1.jpg
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