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Milk makes me!

... bigger!   ... stronger!   ... smarter!   ... more!


We started our branding, marketing & licensing company; Mighty Moo Media in 2018 with great fanfare.

We learned as our company has grown, and we are now recognized as the worldwide milk lifestyle brand for children, adults & the milk industry.

We know what children, tweens, teens ~ and adults want; and we are making it happen. Just ask the over 400,000 new members of the Milk Hall of Fame & United States Milk Drinking Team. Our lifetime, passionate and dedicated members come from around the world for fun, laughter, their passion for milk, AND a milk lifestyle!

Our goal is to assist, and guide the worldwide milk industry so that it might be able to easily adjust to the future of milk, and the milk lifestyle that we have created.

Our slogans say it all. Six BILLION child, teen and adult Milk Fanatics™ are all shouting out:

"... more milk, pwease?"™ & "... milk makes me!"™

Globally; the diverse milk industry Is a one TRILLION dollar "team lifestyle brand" that has yet to be recognized, realized and/or marketed to.

It is the mission of The Milk Association,™ and Milk Hall of Fame® to passionately change and evolve this, for 6 billion #MilkFanatics around the world. 

The Milk Hall of Fame® The U.S. Milk Drinking Team™, & The Mighty Moo Cows!™ - are brought to you by #YourMilkIndustry who we thank for their continued support.

Please consider supporting your Milk Association™ & Milk Hall of Fame®, via our Patreon

People ask, "Why did you create The Milk Hall of Fame® & The United States Milk Drinking Team™ and The Mighty Moo Cows! (Go Cows GO!)?"

Our question is: "... why didn't somebody do it?"


The mission of your Milk Hall of Fame®, is to:

Create the world's The Milk Hall of Fame®, and our associated brands as the number 1, global, "agriculture entertainment destination" location, ensuring the multi-generational passion for the diverse "milk lifestyle". Go Cows GO!

We desire to teach, entertain & inspire young people & adults around the world through the power of Science, Technology, Entertainment, Arts, Math & Business (STEAM+B).

We will use the influence of our iconic brands and youthful creativity to ensure that we remain the one and only recognized milk lifestyle brand and entertainment company in the world.

We also want to celebrate with you & our friends; the #Love, #Passion, #Camaraderie, and #MilkDiversity of #YourMilk with your Mighty Moo Cows, and your Milk Drinking Team!"

#EatYourMilk - #DrinkYourMilk - #IDontKnow


The spark of an idea for the Milk Hall of Fame® came from the minds of my brother, Hunter, my sister, Bethany, and me (Christian Buettner). We are a highly motivated, and fun family from Maryland, USA.

We have always been big milk drinkers & cereal eaters. Milk powers our lives! Milk, ice cream and cheese (double cheese pizza) are our favorite celebration & comfort foods. Cereal is our breakfast that warms us on a cold morning. Our milk memories remind us of the best times our lives with family and friends. Nothing could be better. "... more milk, pwease?" & "... more cereal, pwease?"


We asked our parents if we could create the Milk Association™Milk Hall of Fame®, US Milk Drinking Team™ and The Mighty Moo Cows™ (Go Cows, GO!) when we couldn't find any milk t-shirts that we liked. Truth is, we could not find any milk t-shirts at all.


We thought that making a Milk Drinking Team™ would be a fun idea to bring passionate Milk Fanatics™ together for the love of all things milk!

#MyMilk has always been Chocolate Almond milk. #MyMilkGivesMePower to work on my special projects for just 15 more minutes.

Hunter says, #MyMilk has always been a lactose free milk, just like our #MilkHero, Grandaddy Walt drinks. He says #MyMilkGivesMePower to do late-nighters. It opens my mind to edit for just a little bit longer!"


Our newest companion slogan to More milk ...pwease! is "Milk makes me!™ ..."

Bethany says that #MyMilk is cold strawberry milk, and #MyMilkGivesMePower to stay up late and work on my Mighty Moo Cows™ art and prepare for #HappyTelevision.

We learned how important a registered trademark is, and we split the cost to get Milk Hall of Fame® registered at The US Patent and Trademark Office. It was expensive, but certainly worth it.

We all attend and are straight "A" students at STEAM High SchoolSTEAM High School™ is an internationally renowned Science, Technology, Entertainment, Arts, Math & Business ("STEAM+B") academy located at our home, near Annapolis, Maryland.

We are computer programmers & scripters, (Python & Lua), eSports gamers, analog & digital artists, writers, copy editors, graphic designers, video and audio producers, directors, editors, documentarians, Wix website designers & YouTubers.


We have been computer professionals and developers for years. We love to learn about the STEAM in our community and around the world.


We love to travel and meet people for Milk Hall of Fame®. We love to talk about The Milk Hall of Fame® and all the great farmers and growers that we meet.  

We are using our "STEAM+B" knowledge to build everything you see here.

We are also adding to our knowledge of #LanguageArts, #History, #Math and #SocialStudies as we continue to build our worldwide organization.


Stop back often, and you will see how advanced our knowledge has become.

We are building our website and The Milk Hall of Fame® with the assistance of our mother, father and influential adults as consultants and curators in our life. They help us with our strategies ~ like business consultants do with other big companies.


We are "hands on". They are "hands off", so that we might learn how to make decisions and use our knowledge & time effectively and efficiently to get our message to all of the diverse #MilkFanatics around the world.

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Values & Goals of The Milk Hall of Fame®

Family centered, #Safe & #Fun, #AgriculturalEntertainment & #Education where all are welcome in search of a cold glass of #YourFavoriteMilk.

Entertain, educate and help children, teens, adults & communities around the world celebrate the diversity of #YourMilk.


Bring people together in easy and tough times with their favorite comfort food ~ #YourMilk ~ and delicious products made from the #MilkDiversity around the world. (milk, butter, cheese, cream cheese, cream, yogurt, ghee, condensed milk, dried milk, ice cream, etc.)


Promote #AnimalCare to the highest standards. (The same high standards that we use for our beloved pets.)


Protect and promote #EnvironmentalStewardship. Note: We live in Maryland's #ChesapeakeBay Watershed area on the #MagothyRiver. We do everything we can to protect our beautiful river and bay.


Celebrate farmers & growers ~ the #OriginalEnvironmentalists.


Ensure that we represent #MilkDiversity choices of our team members around the world.


Promote responsible #SustainableNutrition, and #SustainableFoodProduction.


Promote #FoodEducation, #FoodDiversity, & #FoodSafety.


Create and promote a international #MilkDrinkingTeams; for the 6,000,000,000,000 diverse #MilkFanatics around the world.


"The sun never sets on your Milk Hall of Fame!"

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