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We are BIG #CerealFanatics! We LOVE our favorite milk, with our best cereal.

If you are a #CerealFanatic and love cereal like we do, you can become a member of The Milk Hall of Fame's ~ U.S. Cereal Eating Team.

There are SO many great cereals available. The one thing that makes them better is a big pour your favorite milk.

Now, you can celebrate your passion as a #CerealFanatic by becoming a member of The Milk Hall of Fame's ~ U.S. Cereal Eating Team, and spread the word about passion for cereal ~ with your favorite milk.

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Milk with Cereal

Adding milk to your cereal is one of the main ways that #CerealFanatics consume their favorite milk.

The consumption numbers for milk with cereal are going down, as noted below.

As a passionate #CerealFanatic, and part of the U.S. Cereal Eating Team, you can help to upright this downturn. "We're the Mighty Moo Cows; Eat Your CeREAL!"

"People also pour fluid cow’s milk on hot and cold cereal. Between 2003 and 2018, U.S. per person consumption of milk in this manner fell, with the steepest drop occurring among children. Among children, it fell from 0.39 cup-equivalent in 2003–04 to 0.25 cup-equivalent in 2017–18. A smaller decrease occurred among adults. Changes in consumption among teenagers were statistically insignificant." From: Fluid Milk Consumption Continues Downward Trend, Proving Difficult to Reverse HERE


Does your child, husband, wife, sister, brother, mother, father or friend love milk, cheese and ice cream?
Are they your family's #CerealFanatic!

Submit them for induction into The Milk Hall of Fame®! - FREE!

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