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We have a lot of family & friends here at The Milk Hall of Fame.

Some of them are our Milk Heroes.

Some are Heroes of Tomorrow.

Some are just wonderful people we met along the way.

They are ALL lifetime members of The Milk Hall of Fame; due to their passion for everything ~ milk.

Post your best photos on your social website with the hashtag #MHoFFriends and will will try to post it here.

Thank you for the terrific unsolicited comments like the ones below. 

Unsolicited Testimonials


I am so glad I found this website. Now my three children are members of the United States Milk Drinking Team and Milk Hall of fame. They are no longer finicky eaters. They are part of a team. It's like a family. Around my house I hear "... go cows go!" all day long. Even I say "... more milk, pwease?" - Andrea S., North Carolina

Andrea S.


Tracy P.

A friend of mine was so happy that she was able to tell me this discovery. I am always telling her about things, and now she was able to tell me. My only thought is why am I just hearing about this now? So glad that I am. I have told all of my friends. - Tracy P., Michigan, USA


We are now a house full of Mighty Moo Cows. I have never been so happy for something that cost nothing. Great job to the Milk Association (finally)! Go cows go! - Kurt L., Idaho

Kurt L.

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