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New Advertising and Marketing Slogans Announced for Worldwide Milk and Cheese Industry

Annapolis, MD. -- Feburary 25, 2023 - Children around the world will yell the Milk Association™'s new milk slogan, "... more milk, pwease?"™, and the new cheese slogan, "... more cheese, pwease?". They will smile and consume more milk and cheese!

“We are proud and excited to announce the selection of the Milk Association™'s new worldwide milk slogan and marketing campaign, "... more milk, pwease?"™. We also announce the new worldwide cheese slogan, "... more cheese, pwease?™". " for the world's milk and cheese industries” stated Christian Buettner, Marketing Director at the Milk Association™'s Milk Hall of Fame®; home to The Mighty Moo Cowsof The U.S. Milk Drinking Team™. “We believe that these fun catchy slogans will reach across the world and easily translate into hundreds of languages. The most exciting part is that the milk and cheese slogans were well received in test groups of children, teens, young adults as well as adults and seniors. They instantly began to add the word, "pwease" to other parts of their conversation and chuckling and giving each other "high fives". When asked, each participant stated emphatically that saying "... more milk, pwease?"™, "... more cheese, pwease?™" made them smile (and want to consume more milk and cheese).

“Hidden in Plain Sight” - the first and only milk & cheese - lifestyle brand in an untouched TRILLION-dollar industry has needed a "smiley" slogan!

Diverse dairy & dairy-free milk, is an actual TRILLION-dollar per year global industry with unlimited potential for an untold number of brand extensions. The most prestigious honor for the 6 BILLION diverse & passionate fans of #yourmilk around the world is to nominate and induct them, for free, as a lifetime member of the Milk Hall of Fame®. "... more milk, pwease?™"

Children, adults, parents, grandparents, family, friends, teachers, farmers, growers, animal, milk lovers & their pets everywhere can now be inducted into the world's Milk Hall of Fame® and become part of the Mighty Moo Cows of the U.S. Milk Drinking Team™ "... more milk, pwease?™"

Christian declared, “This is a once-in-a-career opportunity to become part of the first, and only, officially licensed milk-lifestyle branded consumer merchandise. Milk-lifestyle merchandise has been heretofore unreachable in the 328,208 brick-and-mortar retail stores throughout the United States, partner countries, companies, and on the Internet around the world! Each store has been an unrealized, retail location profit center for the milk industry. Every location can now become a multi-generational source of income, brand identity, and ownership to “increase sales and demand for all milk”. "... more milk, pwease?™"

“As a licensing professional, it would be impossible for you to name a single US, or worldwide multi-generational ‘milk lifestyle brand’ (not just a slogan) of licensed merchandise? Why, because, until now, there has not been any worldwide lifestyle brands for the TRILLION-dollar, diverse global milk industry, and its 6 BILLION dedicated and passionate fans.” Christian continued, “There is absolutely no milk-lifestyle brand of officially licensed consumer merchandise presence on retail shelves, sports, online, or at supermarkets, animation, mass market, big box, fashion, apparel, restaurants, hardware/home improvement, premium apparel, souvenir, consumer electronics, jewelry, accessories, collectibles, destinations, entertainment, leisure or home goods locations.” "... more milk, pwease?™"

Goals of the Milk Hall of Fame®, and the Mighty Moo Cows™ of the U.S. Milk Drinking Team™

To develop the world’s Milk Hall of Fame® “team of Influencers” with our beloved & diverse brand of U.S. Milk Drinking Team characters; the Mighty Moo Cows, via YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, Pinterest, Reddit, Weibo, Kuaishou, Facebook and other social media properties, to educate & “increase sales and multi-generational demand for #yourmilk” in children, teens, and adults. "... more milk, pwease?™"

Create the world's Milk Hall of Fame®, and our associated brands as the number 1, global, “agricultural entertainment destination location”, ensuring the multi-generational passion for the diverse “milk-lifestyle”. "... more cheese, pwease?™"

You may use our world famous, free & fun certificate making machine on the Milk Hall of Fame® website to create a membership certificate for your favorite milk fan that you can proudly display on your refrigerator or any other place of honor in your home, school, work or play. We’re The Mighty Moo Cows™, Go Cows GO!™ "... more milk, pwease?™"

Global, diverse milk is a TRILLION-dollar industry with 6 BILLION passionate and dedicated fans. Until now, there has never been an organization with dedication and desire to reach, teach, entertain & inspire young people & adults around the world about the diversity of milk through the power of Science, Technology, Entertainment, Arts, Math & Business (STEAM+B). "... more cheese, pwease?™"

We will use the influence of our renowned, iconic brands and youthful creativity & enthusiasm to ensure that we remain the most recognized milk-lifestyle and entertainment brand in the world. "... more milk, pwease?™"

For more information please contact our licensing manager, Mr. Dennis Buettner, at 410-852-6928.



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