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STEAM+B Team Leadership

Building The Milk Hall of Fame®, U.S. Milk Drinking Team™ and Mighty Moo Cows™ Utilizing Science, Technology, Entertainment, Art, Math & Business (STEAM+B) - A Dad & Mom's Blog

We are tracking the expansion of The Milk Hall of Fame®, U.S. Milk Drinking Team™ and Mighty Moo Cows™ and reporting back to you! Note 1: Yes, we are proud of our children, Bethany, Christian & Hunter (BCH). Can't help it. They always seem to do more than expected. Nothing wrong with this. Everything right with this. They are growing and learning. They love and appreciate positive discipline. The teach us, as we teach them.

Note 2: Our children are doing ALL of the creation, editing and marketing for their brands. We assist, only as a paid consultant would do. The one thing we do is assist them in learning to communicate for a common purpose. All the rest of what you see is them and them alone. Oh, I film them. They do all the editing unless noted.

Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI)

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was bearing down on our state of Maryland, Jen and I knew that they would be closing schools.

Little did we know, but the closure would lead us to begin homeschooling our 3 children, Bethany, Christian (twins) and Hunter.

What happened next, shocked and amazed us. They thrived!

Our Leadership Team

We had to go into full blown "homeschool mode". It was wonderful. Fortunately, Jen and I have jobs that allowed us the ability to maneuver them into a self-discipline form of education. They are crushing it.

We joined (which is awesome). They provide our children with a wonderful online homeschooling learning experience. For those who wonder, the cost is $30.00 per student/month. They seem to charge for all 12 months, but ~ wow is it a bargain.

Our state of Maryland allows homeschoolers to have their children complete "4 core" classes - history, language arts, science & math. After the "4 core" they can do just about anything they wish to further their knowledge. This is where our STEAM High School comes into play (as you will read below)

BCH have been computer literate since we bought our "318" laptops. These are the HP laptops that we bought at WalMart for $318.00 each (3) when they were 3 & 4 years old. Total cost was about $1,000.00.

The each have "super computers" now @ $1,000.00 EACH. My, how times have changed. They actually NEED them. They are crunching some really incredible computer code and editing. (We still utilize their "318" laptops for some mundane things like displaying graphics in our "Stew Smith Studio" for our variety of video presentations.)

We like to say that they have 10 years of computer experience. This is a wonderful truth.

So, to accommodate our new COVID homeschoolers, we turned our home into

STEM or STEAM; our children decided

BCH updated the term "STEM" was upgraded to include "A" for Art at the request of the Rhode Island Institute of Art.

BCH adjusted the STEAM name from "Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math" to be: Science, Technology, Entertainment, Art & Math.

They said that STEAM was "science", which was technology. which was "engineering", and "math". They said that we should, "definitely" make the "E" into "Entertainment" ~ since entertainment was made with a lot of science, technology, engineering, art, AND math. So, STEAM was reborn with "E" for entertainment!

Takeaway: BCH's belief is that Entertainment is based upon computer technology ~ and so ~ the "E" in STEAM is now "Entertainment".

People ask us ALL the time about our STEAM High School mascot ~ The Mighty House Flies - Read up on the awesomeness and why we love The Mighty House Flies HERE.

We call hour home Internet City Studios. Here is a tour of our Internet City Studios - Home of STEAM High School, Happy Television and the world's Milk Hall of Fame®.

HERE is the most awesome story about our sweet daughter & medical researcher, Bethany, and how her instant and permanent cure from the most vicious and violent illness has become an instant and permanent cure for SO children and adults around the world. It is quite amazing. Thank you to Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Fact: There has NEVER been an instant and permanent cure for a cough ~ ever. There is not even any FDA approved treatment for a cough. The only recommendation for cough "treatment" on the CDC/NIH websites is sugar and honey.

Bethany coughed 1/2 million times. Her coughs were relentless and terrifying. So many horror coughs! After we were hopeless, helpless, forsaken and desperate, she was cured in mere minutes by a medical doctor who founded and ran The Cough Cure Clinic at The University of Iowa for 40 years. HERE

Bethany is the first person cured from chronic cough (ever) ~ known and diagnosed as "habit cough" in the history of humankind ~ via a simple and fun telemedicine video call.

Bethany's goal is to bring the brilliant cure of The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy & telemedicine to every rural and medically underserved area of the world.

I filmed our daughter, Bethany, being cured. It is totally amazing. The YouTube video documentary of her horror cough story (held in the video vault of The American Thoracic Society), which now instantly and permanently cures children as young as 3 and adults with over 25+ years of chronic cough, has now been "peer reviewed and published" numerous times in the last 2 years.

Bethany is hostess of™, brought to you by The Habit Cough Association™, The Milk Hall of Fame®, The U.S. Milk Drinking Team™, and The Mighty Moo Cows™ (Go Cows GO!)

Our BCH development team, Bethany & Christian (Twins @ 15) and Hunter @ 13 are doing things that they just shouldn't know how to do. Yes, they intimately know ~ and teach the nuances of all the following computer programs.

What computer programs do you know in an intimate manner? Note: This does not take into account Gmail, Discord, Google Analytics, PowerPoint, Word, Zoom, Skype, and a variety of all the other day-to-day programs. Just asking for a friend. (LOL)

We're the Mighty Moo Cows™; The Mighty Moo Cows!™ We're The Mighty Moo Cows™; Go Cows GO!™


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