The World Knows The Milk Hall of Fame®

Updated: Nov 17

More awesome distribution of our press release. Thanks to all the people who have sent words of encouragement for The Milk Hall of Fame®, our US Milk Drinking Team™ and of course, The Mighty Moo Cows!™ (GO Cows GO!™)

Fun note: We were having a 14th birthday party for Hunter. A new boy who had never been to our house stopped at our fridge, pointed at it and said, "... what's The Milk Hall of Fame?" Hunter and Christian had a great time telling him about it. He said, "... Cool, if it means more milk, ice cream and cheese, I want to join!" #OwnTheFridge #MilkHallOfFame #MoreMilkPwease

Annapolis, MD – November 8, 2021 – The Milk Hall of Fame; the first and only lifestyle brand in the TRILLION-dollar, global, diverse milk industry announces its Mighty Moo Cows characters of the U.S. Milk Drinking Team are available for licensing for 6 BILLION passionate, dynamic, and dedicated Milk Fanatics.

Induction and lifetime membership into The Milk Hall of Fame is free; everywhere in the world. Children, adults, parents, grandparents, family, friends, teachers, farmers, growers, animals, milk fanatics & their pets everywhere can now be inducted to become lifetime members of the world’s Milk Hall of Fame and part of the U.S. Milk Drinking Team’s ~ Mighty Moo Cows (Go Cows GO!)

Diverse dairy & dairy-free milk, is an actual TRILLION-dollar per year global industry with unlimited potential for an untold number of brand extensions. The most prestigious honor for the 6 BILLION diverse & passionate Milk Fanatics of #yourmilk around the world is to nominate and induct them, for free, as a lifetime member of the Milk Hall of Fame.